Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Online Top up?
  2. Online Top Up is Chippie's enhanced top up solution which allows anyone to top up any Chippie prepaid phone from any location, through a credit card or PayPal account.

  3. Can I send credit to any Chippie number regardless of the country?
  4. Yes. The service is available for all Chippie customers in the following countries:

    • Curaçao
    • Bonaire
    • Saba
    • Sint Eustatius
    • Sint Maarten
    • Saint Martin

  5. How do I use the Chippie Top Up Portal?
    1. Go to
    2. Select the country code from the drop-down menu.
    3. Complete the phone number that you want to top up and press GO.
    4. Follow the instructions on the page to log in.
    5. If you do not have phone numbers to link, you can select the 'Continue as Guest' option.
    6. Choose the currency you prefer for payment and the top up amount.
    7. Enter your credit card information and place your order.
    8. Confirm your CVV/CVC code on the back of your card and click on “CONFIRM”.
    9. The Paypal option is only available when you select to top up in USD (US dollars).
    10. A confirmation message will show on the screen with details on the amount recharged to the prepaid phone as well as via SMS to the recharged phone.
    11. Additionally, a confirmation email with the transaction details will be sent to your email address (if e-mail was informed).

  6. How do I verify a transaction?
  7. It is advisable that you Sign In so that you can verify your recharges in the following ways (not available if you select "Continue as Guest"):

    1. If you have signed in, check your e-mail inbox for a confirmation e-mail of the successful transaction.
    2. After you sign in, check your account history by clicking on the "Recent" button in the top menu, then select the transaction. Details of your transaction will be available by clicking on the "View receipt" button.
    3. If you selected "Continue as Guest", the only way to verify the transaction is by checking your balance or calling Customer Service.

  8. How do I check my top up balance?
  9. Press *191# send to check your balance, free of charge.

  10. What happens if I top up an incorrect number?
  11. All transactions are final; top ups are available within 3 minutes, hence, it cannot be retracted from the account. Please ensure that you have the correct phone number before you complete the transaction.

  12. Is there a charge for using the Chippie Online Top Up Portal?
  13. There is no additional fee for using the Chippie Top Up portal, however please check with your bank as some may charge a banking fee for credit card transactions.

  14. What is the minimum and maximum top up amount per transaction?
  15. Country Minimum Maximum
    Curaçao 20 ANG / 10 USD 100 ANG / 60 USD
    Bonaire 10.00 USD 60.00 USD
    Saba 10.00 USD 60.00 USD
    Sint Eustatius 10.00 USD 60.00 USD
    Sint Maarten 20 ANG / 10 USD 100 ANG / 60 USD
    Saint Martin 10 EUR / 10 USD 100 EUR / 100 USD

  16. How quickly does the top up get to the phone?
  17. Top ups are available immediately. If you experience any issues please contact one of our customer service representatives (please see next question).

  18. How can I contact Customer Service?
  19. There are several convenient ways to contact customer service:

    • Click on the 'Support' menu option and fill the form to send a message.
    • Call 9242 free of charge from a Chippie phone or a UTS home phone, for Curaçao and Bonaire.
    • Call +1 (721) 588-1010 for Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten and Saint Martin.

  20. What Payment types do you accept on the Web site?
  21. We accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards. We also accept PayPal, only for payments in USD.

  22. How can I recognize my transactions on the PayPal/Credit Card statement?
  23. If you made a payment using your PayPal account, the transaction will appear with the text "Redmond Tec LLC” on your Credit card Statement.

  24. I topped up, my Debit/Credit Card was charged, yet I did not receive the top up?
  25. If you encounter any issues with your top up, please contact our customer service center for assistance.

  26. Why is my credit card not being accepted?
  27. There are various reasons why your card is not accepted. There may be a problem related to your Bank; please contact the Bank to address the issue.

  28. Do I get a confirmation after I have completed my purchase?
  29. Yes, once the transaction is successful, you will receive bill details on your screen, a confirmation will be sent to your e-mail account. If you are signed in, you can see all of your transactions by clicking the "Recent" option in the top menu.

  30. What currency is accepted for payment?
  31. Depending on where you are, payment can be made online in your local currency as well as USD. You may select your preferred currency by clicking on the drop-down menu when you select your top up amount.

  32. What is the exchange rate when purchasing minutes?
  33. Exchange rates fluctuate daily in certain markets and are automatically updated to reflect these changes. UTS uses the fairest exchange rate possible with no added fees.

  34. Can I purchase a top up from any mobile device?
  35. Yes, the Chippie top up portal is mobile optimized and can be accessed from any mobile device.

    Security and Privacy

  36. Is my credit card and email information secure?
  37. Your email address and email address are secure. Chippie does not share your information with third parties. Chippie will use your email address to send you offers and special promotions. You can opt-out of from our list at any time.